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What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) centralizes and delivers business Unified Communication (UC) tools such as voice, video, chat, and collaboration in one cloud-based platform. With UCaaS, teams can seamlessly and efficiently manage all their communication channels in one place and easily toggle between phone calls, instant messages, and video meetings throughout the day without having to access and manage multiple systems or tools. UCaaS is a cloud-based system, so employees can access communication tools and features on any device with an internet connection to stay seamlessly connected while traveling or working remotely.

UCaaS is popular among companies of all types and sizes, due to benefits such as:

  • Improved internal and external business communications, enabling remote and hybrid work,
  • Reduced operating costs,
  • Increased team productivity and efficiency,
  • Enhanced employee collaboration and content sharing,
  • Increased control of business communication workflows.

UCaaS systems are hosted, managed, and maintained by the provider, so companies do not need to invest in any costly hardware or build and maintain the IT infrastructure needed to support unified communications. UCaaS vendors also manage system updates, upgrades, and security, so companies always have the most updated, secure, cloud-based communication tools available in one interface.

While UCaaS software offers substantial communication functionality on its own, it can also be integrated with other business systems, such as contact center software and Customer Experience (CX) tools, to further streamline an organization's internal communications and customer-facing workflows.

Key Components of UCaaS

The key components of UCaaS systems include voice, video conferencing, messaging, and collaboration.

  • Voice: UCaaS includes integrated phone systems (VoIP) software to facilitate inbound and outbound calls and provide extensive feature sets for making, receiving, and managing calls. The voice features typically included in UCaaS solutions include: 
    • Voice Calling
    • Conference Calling
    • Caller ID
    • Toll-Free & International Numbers
    • Voicemail
    • Voicemail Transcription
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Routing
    • Call Blocking
    • Call Tagging
    • Call Queuing
    • Call Recording
    • Auto-Attendant
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
  • Messaging: UCaaS systems include internal messaging tools to help employees stay connected across various channels including:
    • 1:1 Chat
    • Group Chat
    • SMS Text Messaging
  • Video Conferencing: UCaaS includes integrated video conferencing software to facilitate video meetings and improve communications with virtual, face-to-face collaboration. The video conferencing features typically offered in UCaaS systems include:
    • High-Definition Video and Audio
    • Webcam Capabilities
    • 1:1 Video Meetings
    • Team Video Meetings
    • Presentations
    • Whiteboard
    • Screen Sharing
    • File Sharing
    • Video Meeting Recording
    • Note Taking
    • Virtual Backgrounds
    • Background Noise Cancellation

Interested to learn more about UCaaS? Please visit our UCaaS FAQs.

Top 10 UCaaS Providers

RingEX / Vonage / Zoom / 8x8 X Series / Fuze / GoToConnect / Avaya UCaaS / Ooma Enterprise / Cisco Webex / 3CX

WH Score
Starting Price:$20 per user / per month
RingEX is a leading provider of unified communications solutions that goes beyond basic voice capabilities. Offering omnichannel support that includes messaging and video, RingEX packs a powerful set of tools into one centralized platform.
WH Score
Starting Price:$14.99 per user / per month
Vonage Business Communications unifies calling, messaging, video, and an ecosystem of 3rd party integrations.  By adopting a full suite of communication tools with 50+ enterprise-grade calling features from a single provider, a business will benefit from all-in-one voice, messaging, video, and ...
WH Score
Starting Price:$0 per host / per year
Zoom is a video conferencing software that enables remote communication and collaboration through video, audio, and screen sharing. It is designed to be easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, and can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.
WH Score
8x8 X Series
Starting Price:$24 per user / per month
8x8, Inc. is a unified communications service provider and collaboration (UCC) cloud for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), mid-market businesses and distributed enterprises. The company offers a wide range of UCC cloud services for desktop and mobile devices, including extended business phon...
WH Score
Starting Price:$65 per host / per month
Fuze is a leading video conferencing software that offers a variety of features to enhance your remote communication experience. Fuze's high-quality video and audio capabilities make you see and hear your team members clearly, making it easy to collaborate and stay connected.
WH Score
Starting Price:$27 per user / per month
We built the GoTo Connect platform to help your business grow. It’s the ideal cloud-based phone system and customer engagement software to modernize your communications, centralize your interactions and effortlessly elevate your customer experiences. It’s easy to deploy and manage with a...
WH Score
Avaya UCaaS
Starting Price:N/A
With a bedrock of experience and the continuously trained expertise of system specialists, Avaya develops optimum, tailor-made and cutting-edge communication solutions to support and optimize business processes for industries of all kinds. 
WH Score
Ooma Enterprise
Starting Price:$19.99 per user / per month
Ooma Enterprise is a leading provider of innovative and feature-rich phone systems software designed to meet the unique communication needs of businesses. With a focus on flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, Ooma Enterprise empowers organizations to streamline their communication proces...
WH Score
Cisco Webex
Starting Price:N/A
Cisco Webex is a leading video conferencing and collaboration software that allows users to connect and collaborate in real time, regardless of location. With Cisco Webex, you can easily host virtual meetings, webinars, and online training sessions with colleagues, clients, and partners.
WH Score
Starting Price:$0 per user / per year
3CX is an open standard IP PBX offering any business size or industry complete Unified Communications, out of the box. With 3CX, employees can work efficiently from anywhere: video conferencing, live chat, mobile apps, and advanced contact center features are all included at a fraction of the usual ...

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What is the difference between UCaaS and CCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides cloud-based, centralized communication tools such as voice, video, and chat to streamline and improve internal business communications. On the other hand, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provides cloud-based contact center tools that are focused on enhancing customer or client interactions via phone, video, chat, or social media.

What is the difference between UCaaS and CPaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) systems provide a unified suite of prebuilt, cloud-based tools to facilitate business communications via voice, video, and chat, while Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) offer APIs that businesses can use to integrate communication solutions within their existing software tools and other IT infrastructure.

In other words, UCaaS is a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution that is completely built and managed by a software vendor, while CPaaS is a communications API that requires programming expertise to integrate within existing software and infrastructure.

What is the difference between SIP trunking and UCaaS?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a digital protocol for transferring voice calls and data over an internet connection. It is used by companies that want to leverage their existing phone systems and control their own PBX and internet telephony. Conversely, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides a hosted suite of unified communication and collaboration tools in a cloud platform that the provider maintains, updates, and secures.

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