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What is Trakstar?

Mindflash is an industry-leading LMS system, used by companies from Microsoft and Apple to PBS and Johnson & Johnson, to create, manage, and track digital courses. Whether you want to teach customers how to use your product, train new employees on organizational procedures, or earn and maintain certifications, Mindflash is an all-in-one solution that can guide you through course creation and distribution, then allow you to dive in the data to see how effective your training program really is.      

A fully mobile compatible LMS, Mindflash is able to be accessed any time, from any Internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. With user-defined roles, learners and instructors can login to their material without accessing sensitive data, while administrators can have tiered access to different areas such as billing, content, and group management.

With Mindflash you have the option to use unique domains to reinforce your organizational authority, with custom branding options such as logos, typefaces, and color schemes. A strong brand identity on your training helps ensure that your learners are associating their positive learning experience with your organization.

In today’s inter-connected world, most industries are now operating in a global marketplace, and if you aren’t able to connect internationally, you risk being left behind. With Mindflash’s ability to provide content in almost any language, you can provide training materials to employees and customers around the world.

With over seven million courses delivered across almost two hundred countries, Mindflash boasts customer satisfaction rates over 95 percent. With that level of favorable reviews, it’s almost a no-brainer to add Mindflash into the mix when selecting a learning management system to meet your own needs. 


Trakstar Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 13 December 2023

Simplicity and Versatility

Mindfully crafting courses for scientific content absent on the web is a primary use. The tool proves incredibly helpful and user-friendly for our staff.

  • The ease of use and the variety of quiz types make course creation a breeze
  • Uploading files, constructing courses, and inviting users are all straightforward tasks.
  • While the interface is good, it could benefit from fewer button presses and a more modern appearance.

Reviewed on 26 November 2023

Evaluating Accessibility and Quiz Features

Historically, we struggled with low attendance and information retention during training sessions. Mindflash has notably boosted meeting participation by enhancing understanding of legislation among participants.

  • Accessibility of courses proves invaluable when working with diverse jurisdictions across the country, offering tailored training for each.
  • Limited options for quiz types within modules.

Trakstar Pricing

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Trakstar Key Features

Learning Management System (LMS) Features
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Examination Management
  • Certificate/Award Management
Course Management
  • Course Registration
  • Course Library
  • Course Catalog
  • Course Authoring
Content Management
  • Multimedia Management
  • Content Lifecycle Management
Trakstar Features Details

Trakstar Wheelhouse Score

What is this?

The Average Wheelhouse score for the Learning Management Systems (LMS) category is 8.4

Trakstar Scores

  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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