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What is DocuShare?

DocuShare by Xerox is an enterprise content management solution that helps improve efficiency in workers by focusing on three things: people, paper, and processes. The intersection of these three aspects of business is where DocuShare’s tools help improve teamwork and reduce challenges. All paper documents, and digital documents as well, can be captured and stored, either on-site or in the cloud. This data is organized, catalogued, and made easily searchable so that the entire team can access it at any time. 

The key features of DocuShare enterprise content management includes content management tools that are mobile friendly and customizable. They divide their tools up into categories such as Capture, Manage, Collaborate, Secure, Process, and Access. Each category uses a variety of tools to meet the high standards of a Xerox product.

Their office productivity tools include ways to meet audit requirements, and rely on DocuShare’s “Three click” rule – meaning no one will ever be more than three clicks away from what they need to complete a job. DocuShare integrates perfectly with a wide variety of apps, and is especially useful for cross-industry teams that need to combine multiple regulatory needs with different workflows and creative styles. All users can be brought in to collaborate no matter the language barrier, thanks to the multi-language server. And DocuShare’s Enterprise system allows users to scale and send millions of documents for business processes, regardless of the file sizes.

Workflows can be automated so that documents are processed faster, including the ability to annotate and sign documents without ever needing to print them. The platform does more than just manage documents; it also includes automated routines that help collect data for HR, Legal, Finance, Accounting, and Operations departments. DocuShare enterprise content management is available 24/7 with professional support and cloud hosting.

DocuShare Awards

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DocuShare - Editors Choice 2024


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Reviewed on 28 December 2023

Streamlined Document and Image Management

DocuShare proves to be incredibly beneficial for my team and business. Its collaborative features enable smooth cooperation among users in terms of documents, files, and images for publication on the community. The platform not only simplifies document management, saving time, but, most importantly, it enhances communication and management within the workplace.**

  • The platform facilitates seamless sharing of files, capturing images, and posting them on the internet, enabling effective collaboration within my team and among individuals with shared goals.
  • The only drawback is related to the "Upgrade Wizard," which requires registered users to be notified when the site is inactive

Reviewed on 20 December 2023

Streamlined File Management and Quick Access

DocuShare proves to be user-friendly with easy-to-understand instructions and provides ample storage space at a reasonable cost. The commendable customer service adds to the positive experience.

  • The program is robust and user-friendly, capable of handling all file types efficiently
  • It offers swift software processes, making it an overall efficient tool with versatile options
  • Installing and connecting all machines and PCs can be challenging for the average user
  • Assistance may be required to navigate the setup process.

DocuShare Pricing

Xerox DocuShare ECM
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DocuShare Key Features

Content Management
  • Multimedia Management
  • Content Lifecycle Management
File Management
  • Document Display
  • Document Tagging
  • Document Scanning
  • Document Imaging
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfers
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
Supported File Formats
  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • MOV
  • AVI
DocuShare Features Details

DocuShare Media


DocuShare Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Content Management System (CMS) category is 7.8

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  • Meets Requirements
  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Admin

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