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What is IFS?

IFS is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed for large and medium-sized organizations. It provides a comprehensive suite of applications for various departments within a company, including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and human resources. IFS offers on-premise and cloud deployment options to meet different businesses' specific needs and requirements.

What is IFS Used For? 

IFS is used to manage a company's core business processes, such as financials, procurement, project management, and customer relationship management. The software provides real-time visibility into all aspects of a business, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and improve their overall performance. IFS also helps to streamline internal operations, reduce manual processes, and automate workflows, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

What are the Most Important IFS Features?

IFS offers a range of powerful features that help organizations to improve their operations and performance. Some of the essential IFS features include:

Financial Management

IFS provides robust financial management capabilities, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash management.

Supply Chain Management

IFS helps companies to manage their supply chain, including purchasing, inventory, and order fulfillment.

Project Management

IFS offers project management tools, such as project scheduling, budgeting, and resource management, to help organizations to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget.


IFS provides a range of manufacturing capabilities, including production planning, scheduling, and execution.

Human Resources

IFS includes a suite of human resources tools, including employee record management, payroll, and benefits administration.

What are the Top IFS Benefits?

IFS offers a range of benefits to organizations that adopt the software, including:

Improved Business Processes

IFS helps organizations to streamline their business processes, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved Data-Driven Decision-Making

IFS provides real-time visibility into all aspects of a business, enabling organizations to make informed decisions.

Increased Collaboration

IFS promotes collaboration across departments, helping organizations to work together more effectively.

Reduced Costs

IFS helps organizations to reduce manual processes and automate workflows, leading to reduced costs and increased profitability.

Improved Scalability

IFS is designed to scale with the growth of a business, ensuring that organizations have the resources they need to succeed.

What are the Main IFS Competitive Differentiators?

IFS offers several competitive differentiators that set it apart from other ERP solutions, including:

Industry-Specific Solutions

IFS offers industry-specific solutions for industries such as aerospace and defense, engineering and construction, and field service management.


IFS is highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the software to meet their specific needs and requirements.

Scalable Architecture

IFS has a scalable architecture that supports the growth of a business, ensuring that organizations have the resources they need to succeed.


IFS integrates with various third-party applications, including CRM, payroll, and document management solutions.

Global Footprint

IFS has a global footprint, providing organizations with access to local support and resources, regardless of location.

IFS is a comprehensive and flexible ERP solution that provides organizations with the tools and capabilities they need to improve their operations and performance. With its robust features, benefits, and competitive differentiators, IFS is an excellent choice for organizations looking for an ERP solution to help achieve goals.

IFS Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 21 December 2023

Flexibility and Customization

The system's ability to accommodate custom fields, events, and logical units empowers users with potent low-code customization options. This flexibility ensures that the platform can be tailored to meet diverse and specific needs.

  • The low-code customization options enable powerful adaptations, ensuring that the system aligns seamlessly with unique business requirements.
  • Subpar support experience
  • Issues escalated to the support team often face extended resolution times, sometimes spanning weeks

Reviewed on 21 October 2023

Review from ERP Solutions Consultant

All areas of a business's operations can be managed using IFS, a complete ERP solution. Particularly in IFS Cloud, it offers a cutting-edge UI that is user-friendly. Additionally, distribution, service, and manufacturing firms should consider it.The CRM module is also not as strong, but it is improving, and some of the settings can be complicated, especially in areas like human resources. These drawbacks include the financial module's weakness compared to certain other ERP packages.

  • Helpful for business's management team, multiple countries support and great functionality.
  • Finance, CRM modules should improve and complicated in certain areas.

IFS Pricing

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IFS Key Features

Manufacturing/Production Management
  • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Production Planning/Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Assembly Management
  • Shop Floor Control
Inventory Management
  • Item Tracking & Traceability
  • Procurement/Replenishment Optimization
  • Purchasing
  • Product Catalog
  • Price Lists
  • Competitor Price Tracking
  • Vendor/Supplier Management
  • Order/Delivery Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Space & Floor Planning
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)
  • Equipment/Tools Management
  • Parts Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Product Recall Management
  • Inventory Transfer
Cash Flow Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Payment Gateways
  • Billing Model Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Credit Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Commodity Management
  • Finance Lifecycle Management
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