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CMW Tracker Overview

What is CMW Tracker?

Use Comindware to customize your project and task flows based on your company’s unique objectives. Drag-and-drop workflow builders provide simplicity when creating project lists, while reporting tools deliver insights pertaining to outcomes throughout the project.

Integrate with external enterprise applications to further improve the flow of data and work, thereby eliminating any silos that may be lying within various business units across your organization. 

Available over the cloud as well as on-premise, Comindware features a full-scale project management solution that can truly be personalized based on your requirements.   

Company:CMW Lab

CMW Tracker Recent Reviews

Reviewed on 10 April 2023

Best for automation

Comindware is an incredibly useful software, but I would recommend it only for VC-funded startups. If you're still struggling to get your marketing right, I would not suggest purchasing this software.

  • Comindware Tracker has helped me to efficiently track my daily tasks, and their support team has also assisted me in integrating the platform into my system
  • The ease of configuration was a major factor in choosing this software over others, and it has enabled me to automate various business processes using its cloud-hosted tools
  • My team and I have found it to be an effective and essential solution in our business workflow
  • The drag and drop feature is prominent and easy to use.
  • Although Comindware Tracker is an effective workflow software, it is quite expensive for early-stage startups that require such services
  • The dashboard lacks a good mechanism for generating reports or analytics, making it challenging for me and my team to analyze tasks on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Additionally, we cannot use it on mobile devices, which can be inconvenient while traveling.

Reviewed on 6 February 2019

A perfect solution

A unique tool which offers a great variety of features to execute a project successfully.

  • Automated planning, WBS visualize the whole planning, social network-like platform to communicate with stakeholders, document management, and all types of PM things.
  • Finance is not covered by Comindware.

CMW Tracker Pricing

CMW Tracker - Workflow Management Software
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CMW Tracker Key Features

Project Management Features
  • Project Prioritization
  • Workflow Management
  • Review/Approval Management
  • Request Management
  • Escalation Management
  • Scope Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Job Costing
Task Management
  • Create Tasks
  • Assign Tasks
  • Share Tasks
Project Management Methodology
  • Scrum
CMW Tracker Features Details

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CMW Tracker Wheelhouse Score

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The Average Wheelhouse score for the Project Management category is 8.2

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  • Learning Curve
  • Setup & Support
  • Quality of Support
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